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Nana Frema Confirms She Is Not Dating ZionFelix

Nana Frema Confirms She Is Not Dating ZionFelix

Nana Frema Set The Records Straight About Her Friendship With ZionFelix

Ghanaian singer and model, Rosette Nana Frema Koranteng also known as, Nana Frema has taken to her Instagram page to set the records straight about the nature of her friendship with Ghanaian blogger ZionFelix.

Nana Frema posted couple of videos (4) explaining that they are platonic friends and nothing more.

She talked about her interview with Zion early last year giving the wrong perception that she’s the ex-girlfriend of Zion. She revealed that Zion captioned that interview as his Ex-girlfriend just to pull crowed to watched his videos.

‘I Did Not Date ZionFelix, I have not dated ZionFelix,  we Are Just Friends!~ Nana Frema

Unfortunately, people presumed she and the blogger were once engaged in romantic relationship which she categorically denied.

Nana Frema, started that she’s in a serious relationship someone else and would not want to jeopardise that with the constant untrue stories and rumours about her alleged  relationship with ZionFelix

The actress said she values her friendship with Zion and never dated him. However, she cautioned Minalyn to refrain from associating her with this whole ex-girlfriend brouhaha.

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Tap the link and watch Nana Frema’s Video explaining her relationship with ZionFelix.

Photo Credit: Nana Frema

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