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Top 10 Samira Bawumia Best Fashion Moments

Top 10 Samira Bawumia Best Fashion Moments

Samira Bawumia Best Fashion Moments

Looking elegant at every occasion, the Second Lady of Ghana, H. E Samira Bawumia is known to be a fashion icon.  She has been featured in many fashionable magazines.

Her style of dressing revolves around African print especially Ghana made kente fabric. Most people look up  to  her for their African Print Fashion Ideas.


Famously known as the most fashionable Second Lady of  Ghana, Samira Bawumia always shows up in distinctive African fabrics with most of them being the Ghana made kente to compliment her personality as a second lady in every national event.

H. E Samira Bawumia looks presentable at all times and people wonder who could be that creative designer behind her stylish outfits.

Most people look up to her when it comes to fashion ideas for different occasions.  The former Miss Universe, hasn’t made any fashion faux pas, She’s always on point with her wonderful and unimpeachable fashion sense. She proudly promotes made in Ghana fabrics especially Kente.

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A lot of young women especially those who practice her religious faith look up to the second lady not only about looking good, but being decent as classy women.

She has influenced fashionable event like weddings especially that of Muslim young generation who intend setting up trends in latest fashion ideas that will spice up the traditional look for their marriage ceremonies.

Fashion is not just about wearing clothes but a decent style which gives sanity and reverence…

Samira Bawumia  unique fashion sense basically gives the idea that working class women and women of higher status can as well embrace traditional African wear in their daily routine to suit the purpose of every occasion.

Seeing the Second Lady always in distinctive Ghana kente fabric obviously depict her intentions of promoting African fashion trends and made in Ghana products.

She also sets the pace for local fashion designers to brainstorm new and better sewing styles in growing the fashion industry in Ghana and beyond.

What’s your favourite H. E Samira Bawumia outfit and Why?


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Photo Credit:H. E Samira Bawumia |  SWAGOFAFRICA


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