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Sarkodie has broken his silence over the VGMA 2019 Incident

Sarkodie has broken his silence over the VGMA 2019 Incident

Multiple award winning Ghanaian hip hop artist Sarkodie has broken his silence over the VGMA 2019 Incident between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy that led to Stonebwoy pulling a gun in on stage.

So many unanswered questions like how the gun got pass security, when will the  Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy beef end?

Congratulations are in order! Sarkodie won the ‘Artist Of The Decade’ at the just ended 20th VGMA

Check out Sarkodie’s message below:

”For a long time there’s been this gap between the corporate world and the entertainment industry and it’s been my dream that the two merge cos it’s very necessary!!!

When I sit in these corporate meetings I sense how sensitive it is for them to affiliate with the industry and I understand But that doesn’t stop us from working to make our relationship better.
I have mixed feelings on VGMA since I started Rapperholic cos I got to see what it takes to put up a show in Ghana … it’s crazy but I feel Ghana music Awards is way too big to miss the basics. A lot went on this years VGMA so I know how hard it was for them to pull this off …

We (my self and Charter house) had meetings on how we wanna celebrate this years VGMA and trust me they had a lot planned for this celebration!!! A lot of activations before the main event.They really wanted to go all out but last minute a lot of sponsors pulled out … Those who made promises , broke them so Charter house had to take pressure on themselves.I felt for my brother George Quaye … He was running around each and every day trying to get sponsors on to support this years celebration but he wasn’t able to secure enough.

I think standards are very important in brand positioning … but sometimes to attain certain standards takes a lot of funds … And it’s about time those who invest in the industry understand what it takes so they know the value.From far just looking at VGMA , and since I’m doing concerts myself too, I know they need millions to achieve a certain standard… from security, artistes comfort ( which comes with a whole lot ) and more

I know companies are looking at value for money but sometimes I think they release funds based on perceptions ( and they have the right too ) but we need to change the narrative.It’s about time we merge these two worlds. I rarely do “paid” product placement in my music videos, actually I think I did it just ones ( I stand to be corrected ) “Kasapreko”… and it’s just because most of these companies don’t wanna believe we ( at least myself ) spend that much on our work.In actual fact my industry is one of the most expensive industries you could find your self in and that’s if you really wanna do it well to the best of it.

I believe in detailing so I turn to take on a lot but I’d rather choose that over trying to just get by and collapse what I’ve built in ages.Study most realty shows on TV …. their life span is very short just cos they don’t have the power to spice it up and keep it interesting… most times it’s not their fault cos they have to do it anyways …

I applaud all these companies collaborating with the industry 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Just that I think you guys should consider what’s involved.Big shouts @VodafoneGhana @MTNGhana @Kasaprekogh @StanChartGH and a whole lot more hopefully we make more magic together.There’s a lot to be achieved when we merge.

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NOW to my young ones coming up … I don’t know what your dreams are but this profession ain’t no joke … Set your priorities right to be able to position yourselves well to attract what you deserve.You can’t cheat the game.You do music so that’s your business… invest every penny back into it if you believe in you!!! That notion of “music is not a job.. what’s your real job” shouldn’t get to you …

You will get what you put in trust me …God bless us all and hopefully we make things better moving forward 🙏🏾
And Hey Thank you #SARKNATION” Sarkodie

“Let us forgive each other–only then can we live in peace.” ~Leo Tolstoy


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