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Sarkodie ‘No Fugazy’ Premieres On Ceek

Sarkodie ‘No Fugazy’ Premieres On Ceek

Popular Ghanaian Rap Star Sarkodie has dropped a new single titled ‘No Fugazy’ as part of his upcoming ‘No Pressure’ album July 9th.

He took to his socials for inform his fans about the fact that his latest release will be on the Streaming Platform

The platform makes it easier for people to connect and relate with people around the world virtually at any time while they enjoy 360 videos in entertainment, education, sports and more.

Sarkodie also asked  his fans to follow his channel on

He explained that he will be releasing exclusive ‘music audio x videos  on the his Ceek channel



“No Fugazy” was premiered on, Sarkodie fans watched both on in 2D  and others 360VR through the Ceek VR app.

The audio version of the song, ‘No fugazy’ was produced by Rexxie but the visuals was produced by Chris Phouphou and directed by Capone.

As part of Sarkodie’s undying flairs in rap music, he usually sings not in plain language and chooses his words artistically. ‘Fugazy’ is a slang word that is basically used to describe fake stuff.

Fans are really jamming to Sakordie’s ‘No Fugazy’. Most of the viewers on Ceek reacted with the fire emoji as well as praising the rapper with multiple appellations like, ‘king Sark’, ‘the highest’ among others.

Hence the song, ‘No Fugazi’ literally means, ‘no fake things’. Sarkodie is telling a story about living fake life as well as advising people to live within their means in his song, ‘No Fugazy’.

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It’s not always about the designer products, but one can wear and use non-designing stuff that are equally quality irrespective of their social status without following the pressures of this 21st century to rather go and get the fake designer wears and other material things.

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He further advised that people should not fall for luxurious lifestyle out there to end up messing up their life big time.

He cited examples with his lifestyle, recounting those times he had nothing and used to wear fake things but now he’s worked and gotten to the level in his life that he can afford any designer stuff but sometimes you just have to let go of the societal pressures and live life normal.

However, if you think you’ve got so much money which he described as (block) and want to take fashion or dressing to a higher level and look classy (drip), don’t fall for the fake ones (No Fugazy).

One must learn to leave a comfortable life by desisting from copying somebody’s luxurious lifestyle because you might end up going bankrupt

In the end, all Sarkordie wants to put across through his song, ‘No Fugazy’ is that Hard work really pays but its better we live a comfortable life. The lyrics, rhythm, costume and colour effects are massive and astonishing.


Photo Credit: Ceek

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