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Spotlight on Architecture: Makoko Floating School

Spotlight on Architecture: Makoko Floating School

Kunlé Adeyemi is a Nigerian architect and urbanist – After completing his studied at the University of Lagos in Nigeria and  Princeton in the US, Adeyemi  he founded NLÉ – an architecture , urbanism and design practice based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

 Kunlé Adeyemi  completed the “Makoko Floating School” in  2013.  a prototype floating structure, built for the water community of Makoko, located on the lagoon heart of Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos.Makoko Floating School

“Makoko Floating School” is believed to have cost less than $7,000,  the school accommodates 100 students, uses 256 plastic drums to keep it resting on top of the water, and the frame is constructed from locally-sourced wood. Electricity is provided by solar panels on the roof, and rainwater harvesting helps to keep toilets operational… Continue here.

Well Done! Amazing Talent!

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Credit:NLÉ architects/Kunlé Adeyemi

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