Sports News: Ghanaian professional footballer Asamoah Gyan is joining Indian Super League, NorthEast United FC (NEUFC) Congratulations!

The football icon is set to be super thrilled to be a part NEUFC!

asamoah Gyan


The Ghanaian professional football striker began his outstanding career in the Ghanaian League before gaining the attention of the world.

Gyan has over sixteen years amazing successful career in football!



Once again join us in wishing this football legend a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!




Photo Credit: Asamoah Gyan

Nollywood Superstar, Filmmaker & Entrepreneur Stephanie Linus is set to speak Alongside Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and  Ivanka Trump and other prominent dignitaries at The 8th Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in India

The Summit which will take place from November 28 to 30 in the city of Hyderabad is jointly organized by the United States and the Republic of India.This year’s Summit will highlight the theme Women First, Prosperity for All and will focus on supporting women entrepreneurs, solving 21st century challenges, and fostering economic growth globally.

GES this year will be attended by more than 1500 global entrepreneurs and investors who will have the chance to interact with India’s most enterprising individuals who have pioneered innovation and generated immense value creation for not just Indian economy but global economy. These participants hail from 150 countries and territories. Women from 127 countries are participating & more than 10 countries will be represented by an all-female delegation.

Ms Linus was selected as a #GES Speaker for her globally recognized works as an actress and filmmaker, and also for her humanitarian work.


Given back to the community…. saving lives! World’s first hospital train ….Lifeline Express is run and operated by Impact India Foundation with the help of Indian Railways and Health Ministry of India..

It has 2 surgical operation theater, 3 operating tables, a sterilization area, 2 recovery rooms for patients, on-board power generators, a pantry car, storage for medical supplies, and accommodation for medical staff.. So far it has medically served over 900,000 people including more than 100,000 surgeries in the remotest rural parts of the country…. 

Impact India’s Lifeline Express was founded on 16th of July, 1991, as the world’s first hospital on a train, was launched.

The internationally acclaimed Lifeline Express has become a model for transfer of appropriate technology to other countries to set up similar projects in China, Central Africa and river boat hospitals in Bangladesh and Cambodia….More here

 Source: World/India


In the wake of  horrific 7.9 magnitude Nepal earthquake, a group called ‘Nepal Earthquake 2015’ has been set up by Facebook to help people find their relatives who are still missing, Google has also opened Its ‘Person Finder ‘ tool to aid Nepal earthquake relief…. The Person Finder will gathers information from emergency responders and individual users who can enter information for a missing person or someone who has been found…..

‘Google Person Finder helps people reconnect with friends and loved ones in the aftermath of natural and humanitarian disasters’

The magnitude of the  earthquake that Nepal earlier  this morning was so strong  the damage affected areas such Bangladesh and  India… It is believed millions of people felt the earthquake… Aid is now coming from all over the world to help find more of the the people trapped in the earthquake, Mount Everest avalanche…

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the  family

Source: World News

Petitioning Theresa May…Bring back the post-study work visa

We are calling on the UK Government to bring back the post-study work visa or an alternative scheme so that international students can continue to work in the UK after they have finished their study.

International students build their lives in the cities that they study in and by being here make the UK richer culturally, socially, intellectually and financially. Up until 2012 international students studying in the UK could apply for a post-study work visa. This enabled them to work for up to two years after they graduated, meaning that the UK directly benefited from the skills and knowledge the students gained during their degree.

The post study visa scheme was closed by the current UK Government as part of a drive to cut immigration. This is having a detrimental impact on higher education, the economy and society as international students choose to go elsewhere because they feel unwelcome.

We are calling for the retroduction of the post study visa because:

– Current policies are making our international students feel unwelcome in the UK.

– Those aspiring to study in the UK are being discouraged from applying and the UK is losing out. Nineteen per cent of non-EU students would not recommend the UK as a place to study for a friend or relative (this is as high as 34, 36 and 38% for students from India, Nigeria and Pakistan respectively).[1]

– The UK Parliament’s All Party Group on Migration has called on the Government to open a new route for work in the UK after graduation.[2]

– Seventy-five per cent of the general public think that international students should be able to study and work in the UK after graduation.[3]

– As well as paying substantial tuition fees, international students support local businesses in the towns and cities in which they live, and bring in an estimated £7 billion to the UK economy each year.[4]

– International students make our communities more culturally and socially rich.

– International students help UK students to develop into globally aware and culturally literate graduates.

– The UK risks falling behind other countries in the international higher education market. Since 2010 the number of non-EU students starting a course in the UK has grown by 3% (and decreased two years in a row). By contrast the number of new international enrolments in the United States between 2010 – 2014 grew by 26%.[5]

Support our international students and sign our petition!

[1] NUS Survey of International Student ’s Perceptions towards the Immigration Bill, National Union of Students (NUS), 2015
[2] UK Post-study Work Opportunities for International Students, All Party Parliamentary Group on Migration, 2014-2015
[3] Universities UK
[4] ibid
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Richard-Branson-M2W-Kenya-Trip-II Richard-Branson-M2W-Kenya-Trip-III Craig Kielburger About Free The Children

In 1995 at the age of 12, when Craig Kielburger read about child labour in developing countries, he was appalled. So he brought a group of his friends and classmates together to form ‘Free The Children’ with the aim of eradicating child labour around the world Today, Free The Children are the world’s largest network enabling children to help other children through education. It has more than one million young people involved in its innovative education and development programs across 45 countries.

Through Virgin Atlantic Foundation partnership with Free the Children, they are working with village communities in Ghana, Kenya, India  and China. Villagers often face the challenges of climate change on a day-to-day basis, particularly as extreme weather patterns make access to water increasingly difficult. This can be devastating as many communities depend entirely on growing crops and raising cattle to survive. In a drought, there might not be a drop of rain for many months. The crops that sustain the villagers can’t grow, animals can’t survive, and women and children have to travel further and further to collect water.

They are also supporting Free the Children’s ‘Be The Change’ UK schools tour, which aims to get young people involved in issues that matter to them, so they are empowered to make a positive difference to their own and others’ lives – whether in their own neighbourhood, or somewhere much further afield.

Source: Virgin