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Lifeline Express: World’s first hospital train

Lifeline Express: World’s first hospital train

Given back to the community…. saving lives! World’s first hospital train ….Lifeline Express is run and operated by Impact India Foundation with the help of Indian Railways and Health Ministry of India..

It has 2 surgical operation theater, 3 operating tables, a sterilization area, 2 recovery rooms for patients, on-board power generators, a pantry car, storage for medical supplies, and accommodation for medical staff.. So far it has medically served over 900,000 people including more than 100,000 surgeries in the remotest rural parts of the country…. 

Impact India’s Lifeline Express was founded on 16th of July, 1991, as the world’s first hospital on a train, was launched.

The internationally acclaimed Lifeline Express has become a model for transfer of appropriate technology to other countries to set up similar projects in China, Central Africa and river boat hospitals in Bangladesh and Cambodia….More here

 Source: World/India

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