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The Imafidons: The Smartest Family in Britain

The Imafidons: The Smartest Family in Britain

ImafidonsMeet the Imafidons, they are the smartest family ever and have become international models of academic achievement. Dr. Chris Imafidon & Ann Imafidon are from Nigeria, their children have broken national records in education.
Anne-Marie, 23, the eldest child, is multi-lingual. She speaks six languages and graduated from college at age 10. At 13, she was the youngest person to pass the U.K.’s A-level computing exam. She went on to attend John Hopkins University in Baltimore and received her masters degree from Oxford University, all before she turned 20 years old.
In 2009, twins Peter and Paula made headlines for becoming youngest students to enter secondary school at age 6. Their older sister, Christina, was 11 when she was accepted to study at any undergraduate institution in Britain: See more here:

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