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US Threatens Aid Cuts to Somalia

US Threatens Aid Cuts to Somalia

 US Threatens Aid Cuts to SomaliaThe United States is threatening to cut aid to Somalia if the bickering president and prime minister don’t solve their differences.

The Current problem erupted after the president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud rejected a reshuffle of the cabinet by prime minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed late October of this year.

The US has made it clear to boycott the upcoming international conference on Somalia in Denmark scheduled next week, according to a US top official Jamed P. McAnulty as confirmed by a Somali official who spoke with anonymity.

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The US pays bulk of the budget of the Federal Government of Somalia and the African peacekeepers (AMISOM) in the country shoring it up as the Somali federal goverment fights the AlQaeda-linked islamists of AlShabaab.

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