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Wang Yi Refutes Beijing‬ Becoming Africa’s New Colonialists

Wang Yi Refutes Beijing‬ Becoming Africa’s New Colonialists

Chinese‬ foreign minister Wang Yi forcefully refuted critics who accuse Beijing‬ of becoming Africa’s new colonialists. “We absolutely will not take the old path of Western colonists, and we absolutely will not sacrifice Africa‬’s ecological environment and long-term interests,” he said in Nairobi‬.

Visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi may have come to town with an additional promise to boost Kenya’s infrastructure.

But he was also here to argue for the repatriation of the more than 70 Chinese nationals now remanded in Kenya for being in possession of illegal communication systems.

On Saturday, Mr Wang met with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi where he promised “a new focus on industrial development and technology transfer.”

But the subject changed when the Chinese diplomat met with his Kenyan counterpart Amina Mohamed.

“What we want is to repatriate these citizens so that they will undergo fair trial inside China instead of getting released here in Kenya,” he told reporters during a joint press conference.

“Available evidence shows that this is a case of fraud launched from outside China against Chinese citizens inside China and the suspects used very simple measures. But this is by no means a cyber-attack as some media have speculated.”

The 76 Chinese and one Thai were arrested in a house in Runda estate with multiple communication gadgets.

Security agents claimed the hi-tech equipment that was found on the premises was capable of disrupting the country’s communications system, infiltrate bank accounts, the M-Pesa network and ATMs.

They have since denied the charge of running a telecommunication system without a licence as well as conspiracy to commit felony.

China argues the Kenyan incident was not isolated as there have been various groups arrested recently in Egypt, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and Singapore with similar equipment.

“Such telecommunication fraud cases have not only happened in Kenya but also in other countries in the region against Chinese citizens inside our country.

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“We believe that our law enforcement departments have held close communication and judicial cooperation with each other.”

There was no clarity on what Mr Wang meant by “fair trial inside china.” It could mean Kenya is unable to try them or it could mean Kenya could unfairly convict them. However, lawyers do not agree…. continue here



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