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Agbogbloshie A Suburb Of Accra…

Agbogbloshie A Suburb Of Accra…

The everyday people trading and living their lives, This place is only about 20 mins away from the Accra city centre,  yet it looks….


Agbogbloshie 2


Agbogbloshie .

Agbogbloshie, a vibrant place in Accra, Ghana, is the second largest e-waste processing area in West Africa…..a suburb of Accra, the Agbogbloshie market is very lively and busy market.

One can find everything from fruits, vegetables, textiles to #electronic gadgets….

Accra city.Agbogbloshie jpg

Agbogbloshie Agbogbloshie 1 Agbogbloshie Market 3

Agbogbloshie is nicknamed Sodom and Gomorrah…

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