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AJ McKee Wins Against Patricio Pitbull

AJ McKee Wins Against Patricio Pitbull

Mixed martial artist A.J. McKee has won against Patricio Pitbull. The Bellator featherweight fighter won the fight by strategically heading kicking, outside leg kicking and choking Pitbull in the first round at just 1 minute, 57 seconds..

In the Bellator 263 main event with $1 million up for grabs, the 26-years-old Long Beach native entered the cage as undefeated in his previous 17 fights but no one in the packed “Forum” in Los Angeles really expected to see him defeat “Pitbull” that easily.

The two fighters entered the arena to opposite receptions. McKee, who grew up just miles from the arena, walked out first to raining applause from the local fans. The reigning champion, “Pitbull”, was welcomed with harsh boos.

After just over 90 seconds in the fight, AJ landed a left head kick followed by a couple of punches which dropped “Pitbull” to the floor. McKee prematurely started celebrating but referee Mike Beltran told him to fight on. So McKee did just that grabbing “Pitbull” in a guillotine choke with both of them standing until “Pitbull” appeared to go unconscious. At that point, the referee stepped in and stopped the fight.

During the press conference after the fight, A.J. McKee said 

”I sold more tickets than I got paid,.. I knew this whole arena was there for me. It’s just phenomenal to have that much support.  It was just surreal, man, to have all those people behind there. To do it not just for you, yourself and your family, but for the city.’

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A.J. McKee has been seen rocking his Ceek 4D Headphones, days  before his win. the Bellator Featherweight Champion took to his socials with the image below to announce his partnership with Virtual Reality Streaming platform Ceek saying


”Super excited to announce my partnership with @ceekvr where dreams become reality!!!Virtual reality is the future, count on it!! Btw the headphones give you a 360 surround sound feel🔥 pick up a pair today and check it out yourself 🙌🏾💪🏾#youwontbedisappointed”

AJ McKee in Ceek 4D Headphones and Headset

This was McKee’s 18th consecutive Bellator win and certainly the biggest one in his career. He also holds the record for most submission wins in Bellator featherweight history (six) and the most stoppages in the Bellator 145-pound division ever (13).

Prior to this fight, “Pitbull” had been finished just once before in his MMA career, and it was due to a leg injury in 2016 against Benson Henderson.

Patricio Pitbull confirmed at the news conference that it just wasn’t his day ‘ Today was a bad day’ and congratulated A.J Mckee for being a good fighter.

Prior to this fight, “Pitbull” had been finished just once before in his MMA career, and it was due to a leg injury in 2016 against Benson Henderson.

“Pitbull” now has a 32-5 record. He was on a seven-fight winning streak and had won 15 of 17 overall. The Brazilian has the most wins (20) and most title fight wins (10) in Bellator history and is consider being the face of the franchise. The 34-years-old is a two-time Bellator featherweight champion with seven successful title defenses in the division.

Both McKee and “Pitbull” entered the fight being tied for most stoppage victories in Bellator featherweight history with 12 each.

Since the moment McKee stepped in the Bellator he was calling “Pitbull” out and wanted to fight him. Six years later, he finally got his chance, and he couldn’t have used it in a better way. McKee has looked almost untouchable in his rise to Bellator stardom, but many were questioning his greatness since he hadn’t faced an opponent as ferocious as “Pitbull”.

Prior to the fight, things were heated between the two and they had to be physically separated during the pre-fight press conference.


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“Pitbull” was angry at McKee’s father Antonio who himself was an established MMA fighter and now serves as his son’s coach. In an interview a month ago the elder McKee brought up the very sensitive topic  that didn’t sit down well with Pitbull

What bothered “Pitbull” more than anything, and what he attributes to his aggressive behavior on stage, was the comment made by AJ McKee that he would beat the Brazilian in front of his wife and kids.

“Pitbull” found these words disrespectful and said that he is going to beat McKee in front of his father in his hometown.

After what happened in LA on Saturday night, the Bellator has its new king. McKee went out and did his thing against the legend of the sport. That puts the young American at the top of Bellator and his career from now on will go sky-high.

“Pitbull” on the other hand, still holds a lot of Bellator records and it will take more than one loss to bring him down. Despite being 34, he has a lot of fighting left in the tank and whoever decides to sign him off may regret it.

He has been training very hard get to where he is now. His prep for the big fight comprised of hyping himself up by using the Ceek 4D headphones religiously. He was seen with the headphones all around. The sound system is excellent for tuning into your music and entering your own world



A.J. McKee’s hard work paid off last night making him the current Bellator Featherweight Champion and 1 millions richer. Congregations are on order!

Mckee is looking forward to fighting with Floyd Mayweather one day

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