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Cardi B welcomes a baby boy

Cardi B welcomes a baby boy

Cardi B Has Announced The Birth Of Her Second Child

American sensational rapper Cardi B and husband, rapper Offset, welcome new baby and surprises their loved ones on social media 2 days after delivery. Both parents shared adorable photos on their various official Instagram handles announcing their joy as they welcome their second child. 

On Cardi B’s page was a photo of her carrying her covered baby in her arms as she and her husband closely gaze at the newborn baby in the labour room. The image was captioned, the baby’s date, which was September 04, 2021, with a blue love emoji. Offset also posted a picture of him holding his baby closely on his chest whiles lying on a birthing bed beside his wife and captioned it, “chapter five,” which obviously talks about his fifth child.  

The couple did not disclose the gender of the baby, but several reports indicate that a close source of the rap couple has revealed the couple brought forth a bouncing baby boy. The only thing that is unknown to the public at the moment is the name of the baby, but it’s definitely going to be announced since both parents are public figures. This makes Cardi B a mother of 2 and Offset a father of 5, including his three boys from previous relationships. 

As the world and fans of the couple celebrate this milestone via congratulatory messages online, we also join in the joyous moment of the couple. So far, the good wishes and celebrations are massive. 

Following the public announcement of Cardi B’s second pregnancy on the stage of BET awards night in June this year, the rapper has been showering on her social page with many adorning baby bump photos expressing her utmost joy in looking forward to meeting her new baby. Cardi B Has Announced The Birth Of Her Second Child

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She continually displayed family pictures to remind the world how excited her nuclear family felt regarding the unborn baby, as well as posting videos of her engaging in vigorous activities like dancing and rhythmic gymnastics with the baby bump, which clearly shows that pregnancy does not deter women from doing what they love. She dropped the song “Rumours” barely a month ago and released fascinating but energetic visuals with her baby bump, receiving fantastic feedback and good streaming numbers. 

Cardi B and Offset officially married in 2017 after few months of publicly disclosing they were dating. In April 2018, she announced her first pregnancy in a stage performance as her second pregnancy and gave birth to Kulture’s baby in July 2018. Despite the glitches encountered in their relationships, the couple have been able to work out more on their individual differences to sustain their undying affection for each other and extended it to their family until making it this far. 

Fans are already hailing Cardi B’s firstborn Kulture for becoming a big sister to her little brother. Congratulations once again to Cardi B and Offset for yet another chapter of happiness!

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