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Dometi Pongo Host Of The New MTV Series – True Life Crime

Dometi Pongo Host Of The New MTV Series – True Life Crime

Our Celeb of the day is Dometi Pongo.

Dometi Pongo is a journalist and television personality in Chicago who was born to West African parents.

He’s an award-winning journalist and has served tremendously in several media firms.

Before entering into media as his official profession, he began with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at southern Illinois university in the US which he concentrated mainly in Economics.

He also worked as a news anchor and reporter at Chicago’s WGN Radio 720AM and voiceover talent for WGN TV.

In addition, Dometi serves as the speaker and consultant of his own organization known as the Pongo Strategy Group, which seeks to help other organizations to tell better stories through multimedia.

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As part of his journalism profession, he always goes far in pursuit of perfecting his expertise. He has written and produced articles and documentaries with authenticity which got him honoured as second best radio feature from the Illinois Associated Press.

In 2016, his “Pongo Strategy Group” collaborated with Sankofa Ventures to embark on a project which grouped people of African descent to have group tours in Ghana, west Africa to explore their ancestral lineage.

Dometi won the award for the “Best Radio Feature” from the National Association of Black Journalists’ with his radio feature, which reported the coverage of the Laquan McDonald shooting.

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He also remained a key contributor to Roland Martin’s daily digital show, “Unfiltered” covering the Jason Dyke trial.

Other awards he won included, NAPA ambassador award, 2019 (Nigerian American Professional Association), Excellence in Media Award, 2018, Community Leadership Award, 2016, Catalyst of Hope Award, 2016 and many more.

He is currently the host of MTV new series, True Life Crime, an eight-episode docuseries covering high profile murder cases and traumatic crimes affecting young people and MTV News…

Credit: Dometi Pongo

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