Easy Taxi partners with CarmudiEasy Taxi has partnered with Carmudi to add a couple of luxury Taxis to their fleet. Over the coming holidays, commuters in Ghana will spot a Chrysler and a Benz serving as Easy Taxis on the streets of Accra.

Taxi patrons will be able to ride in these luxury Easy Taxis by requesting through the Application. Easy Taxi is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone devices, as well as for B2B clients through Easy Taxi Pro and Easy Taxi Corporate solutions.

The application connects taxi drivers and passengers, allowing them to experience a fast, convenient and safe ride, with just a tap of a button.

The luxury fleet was provided by Carmudi http://www.carmudi.com.gh, an online automobile marketplace, and Easy Taxi’s partner in Africa Internet Holdings (AIH).

To win the opportunity for a Chrysler or Mercedes cab to pick you up, grab your phone and use to the Easy Taxi app to request your ride today!

Information on Easy Taxi can be found at http://www.carmudi.com.gh/


Credit: http://www.carmudi.com.gh/


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