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Pope Francis favors developing world in naming new cardinals

Pope Francis favors developing world in naming new cardinals

Pope FrancisPope Francis has overhauled the Vatican with a new batch of Third world Cardinals, he has named 20 new cardinals from across the globe who will help in choosing his successor. This appointments today, 4th January 2015 will help strengthen the bond Catholic Churches in Africa, Latin America  and Asia, this will also concentrate more on the developing world.

The Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said the choices signalled that the Pope does not feel “chained to tradition” as he shifts the balance of power in the Church towards the developing world.

15 of the new appointees are under 80, making them eligible to enter a conclave to elect the Pope’s successor. The new cardinals will be formally installed on 14th February. It’s the second time Pope Francis has announced the appointment of new cardinals from different countries, the list of names includes 5  retired Bishops who are over 80 and so cannot take part in a papal election. They hail from Colombia, Italy, Germany, Argentina and Mozambique. They earned the title in recognition for their long service to the church.

Pope Francis has  shifted his power Centre away from the developed world to the developing world. The new electors come from Italy, France, Portugal, Ethiopia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Mexico, Myanmar, Thailand, Uruguay, Spain, Panama, CapeVerde and Tonga. 9 of them come from the developing world…

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