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Solomosaic Art Africa: Art Made From Thread

Solomosaic Art Africa: Art Made From Thread

The mosaic form of art is a tedious process requiring more than 48 working hours of concentration. Solo’s art are characterized by diamond highlights and radiance which enhance the overall look and feel -“Truly unique”. Theme includes Music, dance, fruits and these set against complementary, triads and Primary colours in inventing a Master piece.Last supper Present To the well Village scene village

The thinly interwoven thread is skillfully aligned on the art board with the hand until every part of the board is completely covered with the thread. The workflow is tight from the developing of the concept from the start through production to finishing.Solo acknowledges the art of Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso and his inspiration, the deep and magnificent art of wonder by his creator.

Mask Market day Last supper Guitar Player 1(24x36) Afro jazz dancer frame fisher frame

Silk Mosaic artist Solomon Opare, born in Ghana to parents with rich Mosaic artistic experience. Solo started his artistic career as an artist in 1999, and from its very inception drawing his inspiration from a variety of naturally beautiful and thought-provoking works of nature, African culture, modern art and cubism.

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Solomosaic Art is an art made from thread . 100% thread. 100% man made. Not Painting= very unique!


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