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Twitter Pick Ghana As First Africa Office

Twitter Pick Ghana As First Africa Office

Twitter announces it plans of opening a branch office in Ghana as the headquarters. This makes Ghana Twitter’s first Africa office.

Jack Dorsey CEO of twitter thanks Ghanaians and  President Nana Akufo-Addo for welcoming ‘Twitter Ghana’.

According to reports employees based in Ghana who will be working remotely under the work-from-home policies of the tech company until the main office for operations is established as planned.


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The statement sought to seek employees with requisite skills to occupy positions including engineering, marketing and communications specialists.

It was revealed in the announcement that, Ghana was specifically chosen because of its support for freedom of speech and free online expressions contributed to the company’s decision.

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Again, it was stated that the existence of the latest secretariat of the African Continental Free Trade Area in Ghanaian capital, Accra also supported the decision.

Twitter is now officially in the Continent!

Ghana is a country in Western Africa with an estimated population of 31 million people. The capital city of present-day Ghana is Accra.  Ghana achieved its independence from colonial rule in 1957.

Ghana was the first black African country to achieve its independence led by the famous Pan-African leader Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah…

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