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UN‬ Secretary General Ban Ki Moon Visits West Africa

UN‬ Secretary General Ban Ki Moon Visits West Africa

Ban Ki-Moon and  MahamaBan Ki-moon who began his trip in Ghana on Thursday told reporters that “We must make sure that the last case of Ebola is identified, treated and eliminated”

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is currently in west Africa to visit Liberia and ‪‎Sierra Leone, the 2 major countries hit with Ebola crisis to see the assess the situation himself.

Prior to leaving for Africa, Ban Ki-moon had told reports that “I want to see the response for myself, and show my solidarity with those affected and urge even greater global action,” “Local communities and national governments are highly engaged. There has been an impressive outpouring of life-saving contributions from across Africa and across the world.”

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Ban Ki-moon is currently in Liberia and will be meeting with Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf before heading to Sierra Leone to begin his assessment of global efforts to fight Ebola. More on UN‬ Secretary General Ban Ki Moon Africa Visit here.

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