neku-atawodiTBT: Meet Uneku Saliu-Atawodi, a Nigerian female polo player. She is a global phenomenon. The first and only black female professional polo player and founder of the charity Ride to Shine, a nonprofit organization benefiting orphaned children by providing them an opportunity to participate in sports, including horseback riding, travel and for their education.Uneku-Atawodi


“When people say: ‘Oh, I didn’t know black people play,’ I understand that it is new and different to people. I’m happy to patiently explain to them the diverse and expanding world of polo,” the 25-year-old says after a meal in an upmarket bar she runs in the Nigerian capital, Abuja.  Atawodi hopes to help break down perceptions that only rich horse-owners can play. “I want my kids to dream as big as they want to,” she said.


What an inspiration! You make us proud!

Credit: Uneku Atawodi

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