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Fuse ODG On Why He Turned Down Bob Geldof And Band Aid 30

Fuse ODG On Why He Turned Down Bob Geldof And Band Aid 30

Fuse ODG turned down Band Aid 30 song  over negative image of AfricaAzonto star Fuse ODG has declined Sir Bob Geldof’s invitation to feature on Band Aid 30 song aimed to raise funds to fight Ebola because of his personal beliefs.

The ‘This Is New Africa’ – TINA star he wrote on his twitter

“Big up Sir Bob Geldof & his heart. He approached me about being on the Band Aid song, however upon receiving the proposed lyrics, I felt the message of the Band Aid 30 song was not in line with the message of The New Africa movement (TINA),” he wrote on Twitter.

The award winning artist of Ghanaian descent Fuse ODG’s concerns are in line with other Africans who believe Geldof’s new charity anthem reinforces the stigma being attached to Africa.

Lyrics “where a kiss of love can kill you and there’s death in every tear.”…

“No peace and joy this Christmas in West Africa. The only hope they’ll have is being alive”.

The original words in the 1984 version, aimed at raising the profile of the Ethiopian famine, read: “Where the only water flowing is the bitter sting of tears

UK-based Nigerian rap artist @MrBreis wrote on Twitter: “The lyrics to this #BandAid30 song are ridiculous, misplaced, ignorant, backwards, nauseous, spiritually malevolent and condescending.”

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Geldof, who appeared on X Factor (Nov 16) show to promote the single, which is released today, said he had been inspired to re-record the track because of the “phenomenal bravery of the NHS doctors and nurses who volunteered” to help the fight against the virus.

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