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Foodie Venture: A Dine Diaspora Documentary….

Foodie Venture: A Dine Diaspora Documentary….


Dine Diaspora is a contemporary lifestyle and events company that creates dynamic experiences around food, culture, and heritage. The company promotes heritage cuisine by highlighting African diaspora culinary talent.

his short documentary film showcases some of the brightest minds disrupting the food and beverage scene in Accra, Ghana. The Dine Diaspora team – Maame Boakye, Nana Ama Afari-Dwamena, and Nina Oduro – traveled from Washington, DC to Accra to meet these culinary pioneers in this bustling city. From creative drinks by Havana Grand Prix 3rd Place Winner, Johnson “Ace Bartender”, to a unique nomadic Fulani dining experience by Chef Binta and delicious twist on a traditional snack by entrepreneur, Jamie Saleeby’s Sankofa Snack Foods, this film is for the culinary inquisitive and the travel aficionado.


Chef Binta

The documentary takes you into Chef Binta’s (Fatmata Binta) kitchen she shares her journey to cooking while making a Fulani dish –  Mafé Takou (Peanut and Okra Soup) with Torrie (cassava powder). She was born and raised in Sierra Leone and draws inspiration for cooking from her Fulani heritage. In Accra, she shares this heritage with people through a nomadic dining experience that showcases Fulani cuisine.

Johnson “Ace Bartender”

A native of Ghana, Johnson “Ace Bartender” is one of the top bartenders in West Africa. The documentary finds him in the environment where he shines – behind the bar at Little Havana Restaurant in Osu, Accra. Johnson makes his signature cocktail, The Havana Tea, a drink that pays homage to his mother and her upbringing.

Jamie Saleeby

A native of Ghana, Jamie Saleeby is the founder of Sankofa Snack Foods. Seeking to enhance the way that snacks are experienced in Ghana, Saleeby chose plantain chips as his first entry into the food industry. His company adds different spices and flavors to plantain chips and tops it off with attractive packaging that aims to bring what he calls “cultural revitalization and cultural revolution” through snacks.

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