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Francis Ngannou Heavyweight Champion Of The World

Francis Ngannou Heavyweight Champion Of The World

Congratulations are in order! Francis Ngannou is the new heavyweight champion of the world.

Meet Francis Ngannou, The Winner And The New Heavyweight Champion Of The World.


Francis Ngannou in Ceek 4D Headphones

The speculations before the UFC Heavyweight Champion fight has actually came to pass, most people were predicting and putting their money on Francis Ngannou and he didn’t disappoint.

Francis Ngannou heading to the ring in Ceek 4D Headphones


He has become the third African to win the title, previous winners are Nigerian-American Kamaru Usman and Nigerian New Zealand born Israel Adesanya

The Winner And The New Heavyweight Champion Of The World Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou’s aim was to take the belt home and he did.

What a knockout!

The first round was somehow brutal, however, the second round was even more painful and difficult watch.

Stipe Miocic might have suspected after few punches from the first round that this time around Francis Ngannou came well prepared.

Francis Ngannou is very proud and happy after his UFC bout with Miocic, it meant a lot to him because he lost the belt to Stipe 3 years ago.

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This fight was not only a revenge fight, it also goes to show that, when one is well prepared, focused and determined everything is possible at the right time

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His game plan going into the fight was to remain relaxed and maintain his composure though out the fight and he definitely executed this plan well. 
Francis Ngannou appreciate the fact that it was a long journey towards winning  the championship as he feels it made the win more rewarding. 
He does not believe a Trilogy fight is necessary, however, would still be willing to take a third fight Ngannou wants to use his victory to inspire young African children and teach them the benefits of hard work and perseverance.
Being a champion means a lot to him as he can prove people wrong from his childhood who believed he wouldn’t amount to anything. 
Ngannou plans to take some time to rest after this fight after such a strenuous training camp but will be ready to get back by August.
‘You can only hold yourself accountable for not trying, but if you do try and still don’t succeed, it is not your fault~Francis Ngannou

What a match!

Who did you predict will win? Francis Ngannou or Stipe Miocic? Drop your comments  below

HUGE Congrats to Francis Ngannou nous sommes fiers de toi

Photo Credit: Francis Ngannou | UFC260

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