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‘Fixing Ghana Now Is A Collective Responsibility’ Strong Words From Chiraa Chief 

‘Fixing Ghana Now Is A Collective Responsibility’ Strong Words From Chiraa Chief 


“Fixing Ghana Is A Collective Responsibility” – Chief of Chiraa To Ghanaians

The Chief of the Chiraa Traditional Area in the Sunyani West District of the Bono Region, Nana Afari Mintah, has told Ghanaians that Ghana can only be “fixed” if all the citizens come together to pride themselves their respective roles.

On Wednesday 11th August 2021, when President Akufo-Addo called on him at his palace, as part of his 2-day tour of the Bono Region, Nana Afari Mintah expressed these sentiments on Wednesday,

“Nana, not long ago, some young men, who call themselves fix the country advocates, demonstrated. Nana, I and my (queen) mother will help you in fixing the country. Governance is not for a single person or few people to undertake. It is a collective responsibility. It is for all of us to contribute our quota in developing the country. Let us all, in unity, support the President in discharging his vision to develop Ghana” he said.

Fixing Ghana Is A Collective Responsibility

Nana Afari Mintah, further stated that “If you want to fix Ghana and you are into galamsey, can you do it? Our water bodies have been destroyed through galamsey. How do we fix a country with this attitude?” he queried.

The Chief of Chiraa added that degrading forests and the natural environment as well as a refusal to pay taxes needs to be fixed

“Our forest reserves, left for us by our forefathers, forests which belong to the state, you enter them and fell down the trees, you degrade them. How do you fix it? Pay taxes, you say I will not pay, you dodge it. Can you fix it?”

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Chief of Chiraa did not miss his word when it came to the working attitude of some Ghanaians asking ”how the country could be fixed or developed “when people go to work at 11 am when they are to be there at 9 am”.

The Chief stressed that the only guaranteed to have good results is “if we all unite and listen to the President and do what we are supposed to, I know Ghana will develop”.

Nana Afari Mintah praised President Akufo-Addo for living up to expectations with his year of roads pledge.

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“When he talked about the year of roads, it wasn’t a fluke. Today we have seen it ourselves. A road network, which has been unattended to for years, regimes upon regimes have come and gone but it has never witnessed even an upgrading, today, we see it being constructed”

Nana Afari Mintah showed his appreciation to President Akufo-Addo for the various infrastructural projects and other interventions for the Chiraa Senior High School. Read Full Story Here:

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Credit: The Presidency, Republic of Ghana


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