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Celebs who give back: The ‪Didier Drogba Foundation‬…

Celebs who give back: The ‪Didier Drogba Foundation‬…

We sometimes forget how lucky we are to have our parents alive and how these kids are alone” ~ Didier Drogba‪Didier Drogba Foundation‬’s


Ivorian football star Didier Drogba has been captain of the Côte d’Ivoire national team for the last decade. Drogba‬ has the distinction of being highest goal-scorer of any foreign player in the Premier League, and was even voted the best Chelsea player by supporters of the club in 2012. But beneath the surface, there are many things you didn’t know about Didier Drogba.

Didier Drogba wants all his followers repost this.
Didier Drogba wants all his followers to repost this.

1.Drogba’s mother, Name, nicknamed him “Tito” after President Broz Tito of Yugoslavia, whom she greatly admired. 2.He was sent to live with his uncle in France at a young age 3.He was reunited with his parents in 1993 after they moved to France. 4.He’s the most expensive Ivorian player in history. 5.Both his brothers are footballers. 6.Drogba was the first African player to score 100 premier league goals.

7.He was also the first player to be sent off in a European Cup final for violent conduct. 8.Drogba used his position to help the peace process in Côte d’Ivoire. 9.Drogba was appointed a goodwill ambassador for the UN in 2007. 10.The Didier Drogba Foundation‬’s first initiative was to build a hospital in Abidjan Drogba is a True Touch of Class!

The Ivorian professional footballer took to his Instagram page to today, December 21st 2016 with the photos and caption below:

‘Petite visite à l’orphelinat d’Adiaké pour apporter de la joie de l’affection à ces enfants seuls. On ne réalise pas toujours à quel point nous sommes chanceux d’avoir nos parents à nos côtés. An emotional stop at this orphanage from Adiaké, outside Abidjan to give some love and some present to this orphans with different but heartbreaking stories. We sometimes forget how lucky we are to have our parents alive and how these kids are alone. ” ~Didier Drogba

He was also at Abrabo’s school  Abidjan yesterday. 

”Très belle journée hier avec cette remise de cadeau de Noël pour les enfants de l’école de Abrabo…Had an amazing time yesterday with didier drogba foundation giving away some Christmas presents to this kids from Abrabo’s school outside Abidjan….”

God continue to bless you!

the-didier-drogba-foundation the-didier-drogba-foundation

Keep up the good work!  Credit: Didier Drogba

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